The Story Behind a Christian Missionary’s Daring Rescue of Girl Trapped by ISIS

Former special ops soldier and American missionary David Eubank has been on the front lines in some of the deadliest war zones in the world in an effort to spread Christ’s message and save people from danger. Earlier this month, the director of the Free Burma Rangers made headlines for the dramatic rescue of a young girl in Mosul, Iraq, who had been forced to take shelter under her dead mother’s hijab for nearly 48 hours after ISIS tore through her community and killed her entire family. He prayed as he ran:

Eubank and his organization regularly share updates and photos of their heroic work on social media, and the group posted haunting images of this particular search and rescue mission, which recovered the young girl and two adult men—one of whom sadly died in transport—on Instagram.

This week, Eubank appeared on CBN News to discuss his experience in the fight against ISIS. He shared examples of the strength and resolve of both American and Iraqi soldiers, while shedding light on the Bible verse that keeps him going amidst the danger and tragedy.

“I consider myself forgiven by Jesus and blessed to do something. And it was, I believe, God’s power that helped us rescue that girl,” Eubank said of the daring mission that involved the careful coordination of both American and Iraqi forces.

He explained that ISIS seized the village on June 1, killing more than 70 people. The extremists remained camped out and ready to fight off anyone who tried to provide aide to the few remaining survivors. Eubank said that he and his team watched the young girl and other survivors from afar for nearly two days before they were able to swoop in for the rescue. He described the waiting game as “horrible,” and he ultimately ran some 150 yards under enemy fire to retrieve the petrified child, who was hiding under her mother’s burka.

“I just said, ‘Lord help us’ and if I die my wife and kids would understand,” Eubank told CWN. “It’s to save a little girl and I ran and I had to pull her away from her dead mother.”

Through his military service and organization, Eubank has been on the front lines for more than two decades, and there is a particular Bible verse he credits with…

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