The Three Abortion Amigas: Couric, Richards, Adichie Make Utter Fools of Themselves

Former morning host, failed news anchor, and now self-styled independent journalist Katie Couric has always been a fierce supporter of legalized child killing in the United States. According to colleagues, she even hung a picture of Planned Parenthood’s notorious racist and eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger in her CBS News office.

So it should have been altogether unsurprising to see Couric take advantage of some event called Women in the World Summit to promote and endorse radical author Chimamanda Adichie and Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. Inviting the two onto the stage for some girl talk, Couric resorted to fangirling by sophomorically introducing them as “two bada** women.”

Katie, you’re in your sixties. Just stop.

But things only went downhill from there. Talking to Madame Abortion herself, Couric got serious:

“We have to talk about this,” she said of the abortion giant. “It’s been under siege in recent weeks, really in recent months.”


While Richard’s organization recently “escaped being defunded,” Couric listed other policies challenging Planned Parenthood, from state defunding to U.N. defunding by the Trump administration. (She didn’t mention the reasoning behind these policies: to challenge the abortion industry.)


“Clearly, reproductive rights are in the crosshairs,” Couric cautioned Richards. “So what has it been like and what is your strategy moving forward?”


While Richards pointed to the pro-abortion Women’s March for hope, she admitted, “It’s been rougher than I actually thought.  They’ve come at us,” Richards added, “they’ve come at women in a way that is much harsher than I even imagined.”

They’ve “come at women?” Who has? Lila Rose? Abby Johnson? Melissa Ohden? Rebecca Kiessling? These prominent women heading up the annual pro-life women’s conference?

It has always been such an unfounded, unchallenged, and insanely arrogant assumption that to be pro-woman means you are pro-abortion. Life empowers women. Abortion destroys them.

But Couric ignored that reality and instead suggested that Planned Parenthood was the representation of the progress women have made in our culture, and thus opposition to Planned Parenthood was akin to sexism. Adichie agreed, making one of the most profoundly ignorant statements you will ever hear:

“I think that Planned Parenthood represents … all the progress that American women have made” as well as “an idea that women can be sexual beings,” she praised. “Because I think there’s a lot about the discourse that really is about not just controlling women’s bodies, but also saying that women cannot be sexual without consequences. In way that men can.”

Wait, what? Abortion allows women to “be sexual without consequences?” First of all, isn’t that the precise opposite of the messaging Planned Parenthood is trying to convey? Hasn’t it always been the accurate recognition of the pro-life movement that abortion is the epitome of a selfish act? Adichie seems to be confirming that while attempting to deny it.

What’s more, notice the incoherence of her argument. If men are getting to have sex without the consequences women must face (i.e., pregnancy), wouldn’t the solution be to start making men face the consequences of their actions? How is it a rational solution to make the innocent baby – the only innocent party involved in a pregnancy resulting from consensual sex – suffer the consequences? Meanwhile the woman is saddled with emotional grief and physical scars, and the man is free to move on to his next conquest, completely absolved of all responsibility.

That isn’t good for babies. It isn’t good for women. It isn’t good for men. And it isn’t good for our society.

And that’s the obnoxious absurdity of all this pro-abortion, feminist nonsense. Far from empowering them, by devaluing human life, it weakens and harms women. No true “feminist” would support such a thing.

But given that this is the same Katie Couric who recently made the case that a female fetus can “feel” male, thus undermining the entire premise of the child-killing industry that a fetus isn’t a human, cognitive dissonance may be a contract requirement for all Couric’s engagements these days.

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