The Three Roads Forward

After South Carolina, there are three roads forward for the GOP.

The Donald Trump path forward is a Republican Party that keeps its core demographics, but fundamentally alters its principles.

The Cruz path forward is a Republican Party that keeps its demographics and keeps the perception of its principles as a highly conservative, socially and fiscally, party.

The Rubio path forward is a Republican Party that alters its demographics, but keeps the party’s core policies.

The Cruz path would actually be a policy shift for the GOP toward the states, away from Washington, and that is why so much of Washington hates Ted Cruz.

The Rubio path forward potentially preserves a status quo that much of America is presently rebelling against, while demographically putting the party on new footing that neutralizes the race card.

The Trump path forward is to irrelevance for the party — a party of angry white people that builds a high wall and insulates itself from the outside realities of an international community.

I think the American people, where they are at right now, would prefer the Cruz path of reducing Washington and special interests. Polling shows the people are angry. The Republican electorate, in the primaries, is voting overwhelming for the outsiders.

But as Kasich and Bush depart the race, that helps Rubio. If Rubio is to draw in Cruz voters, he is going to need to work on his message against Washington and relate to people not just at the Happy Warrior big picture level, but at the pocket book, daily lives, leave me the hell alone level too.

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