The Trouble With Being Presbyterian — Part II

You sometimes get confused with the idiots in the PCUSA, who are Presbyterian in name only most of the time.

It’s real. Two PCUSA churches in Louisiana merged, according to the Layman, and sold one church property to a local Islamic Association, turning down two offers from Christian churches to purchase the property. Perhaps they didn’t offer as much money. The church they sold was First Presbyterian Church (Bossier City, LA), and the steeple “was once topped by a cross.”

According to the Layman, Rev. Beth Sentell, one of co-pastors of the merged congregation, “said two considerations influenced their decision to sell the church plant to the Islamic Society. First was the amount of money offered, second was the opportunity to engage in interfiath dialogue and friendship.” She and her husband, Dr. Web Sentell, “plan to invite the Islamic congregation and its imam to a church supper where the imam will field questions. Dr. Sentell said, ‘We worship the same God.'” Co-pastor J. Daniel Hignight was asked “if he would ever seek to lead a member of the Islamic Society to Jesus Christ.” He replied, “I don’t feel a particular need to convert them to Christianity.”

Of course not, because you know, we’ll get to heaven believing in Christ and they’ll get to heaven by slaughtering the infidels that sold them the church!

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  • You really need to rename this “The Trouble With Being an Intolerant Bastard” cause you’re giving Presbyterians a bad name.

  • That first comment really says it all about the problems our denomination (and our faith in general) faces in this country. When you stand up for the most basic, fundamental principles of reformed theology – the doctrine taken directly from Scripture and applied by the likes of Luther, Calvin and Knox – and are told you give Presbyterians a bad name…you get a pretty good picture of the state of affairs within the church.

    It’s just more evidence that our faith has been diluted to such an extent that unity and tolerance outweighs truth. I mean, “we worship the same God” says it all – Bible, Koran – it’s all the same, unless you’ve actually read them.

    I’m also amazed that, in the face of constant threats of annihilation by Islamic leaders, we are still the ones labelled intolerant.

  • Saying that the Muslims that bought the church want to slaughter the infidels because there are extreme Muslims that want to is the same as them saying all Christians hate America because the Westboro Baptist Church does.

    The intolerance toward new cultures moving into established towns/neighborhoods/cities is nothing exclusive to Georgia. In Brooklyn, NY the Satmar Hasidic community was up in arms when a Satmar sold a building to a non-jew developer who is putting up a new building where many non-jews will live.

    In the end there will be some uneasiness but you’ll survive. Perhaps you’ll be even be a better Christen for the experience.