The Trump Net Casts Wide…Into The Sewers

One hallmark of attending a Trump rally is the incredible variety of people who flock to hear the dog whistles. And while any campaign can have issues with a particular supporter, the Trump campaign is guilty of doing practically zero vetting of its delegates (or anyone else).

Case in point: A Maryland delegate for Trump named Caleb Andrew Bailey of Waldorf was indicted by a federal grand jury. He was charged with “using a minor to produce child pornography for a period of time from March 2015 to January 2016, as well as with possessing child pornography,” NBC News reported Thursday.

The same report referenced this gem:

It’s not the first time that Trump’s campaign has faced questions about a delegate. A self-described white nationalist was selected as a delegate for his campaign in California. The campaign said that the delegate, William Johnson, was included on the list by mistake, and Johnson later told NBC News that he would not attend the convention because he understood the “negative baggage” of his views.

Let’s see (but who’s keeping count?). Trump’s “campaign manager” (in quotes because The Donald manages his own campaign, right?) Corey Lewandowski was at one time charged with simple battery because he’s a jerk and a thug. Paul Manfort represented some of the worst dictators and butchers in the world, including Viktor Yanukovich, the disgraced now-refugee Ukrainian Kremlin-puppet kleptocrat and Mobutu Sese Seko, the late maximum ruler of Zaire.

(For reference, this is what Wikipedia says about Seko. It is offered without comment. Draw your own conclusions.)

He was also the subject of one of the most pervasive personality cults of the 20th century. The evening news on television was preceded by an image of him descending through clouds like a god descending from the heavens. Portraits of him adorned many public places, and government officials wore lapels bearing his portrait. He held such titles as “Father of the Nation,” “Messiah,” “Guide of the Revolution,” “Helmsman,” “Founder,” “Savior of the People,” and “Supreme Combatant.” In the 1996 documentary of the 1974 Foreman-Ali fight in Zaire, dancers receiving the fighters can be heard chanting “Sese Seko, Sese Seko.” At one point, in early 1975, the media was even forbidden from mentioning by name anyone but Mobutu; others were referred to only by the positions they held

There are so many skeletons in Trump’s closets, you can hear bones rattle when his butler selects a new red tie for The Master. And the accused child molester from today is only the beginning of what the Clintons will pull out on a daily basis.

It’s going to get very, very ugly, and should Trump by some subterfuge attain the White House, Bert Lance, Billy Carter, and Spiro T. Agnew are going to look like Mother Teresa.

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