A double fence part of a museum commemorating victims of Soviet-era political repressions located in a former prison camp, some 110 kms (69 miles) northeast of the west Siberian city of Perm, Russia, Friday, March 6, 2015. Historians estimate that under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, 700,000 people were executed during the peak of the purges in 1937-1938. Millions more died of harsh labor and cruel treatment in the giant Gulag prison camp system, mass starvation in Ukraine and southern Russia and deportations of ethnic minorities. (AP Photo/Alexander Agafonov)

The Trump Purges Begin at the RNC

A directive from on high has come down at the RNC. Those who cannot back Trump need to pack up and get out by the end of the week.

Personally, I think there will be some who cannot back Trump who stay and who should stay. We will need people on the inside. But this is just the start of fever spreading. Republican outside groups are going to start going through this. State parties will go through this. Eventually, conservative organizations will start going through this. We are already seeing the Trump madness spread to Eagle Forum. Just wait.

The Republican Party is now a post-Reagan and post-Bush party. The Bush family has decided to sit it out. Trump’s supporters may be blocked by the RNC from taking over the party, but those who are not Trump’s picks will be forced to publicly pledge loyalty to him.

Let the purges begin.

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