The Truth About My $3 Million

Trump supporters, including Roger Stone and Michael Savage, have taken to accusing me and others of being bought off by the establishment to oppose Donald Trump. Anyone who knows me knows I would gladly oppose Donald Trump for free and am in fact doing so.

But as the smear gains steam, starting from Charles Johnson of banned from twitter fame, and passed through a conservative treehouse full of nuts and squirrels, let’s break this down.

First, I did not get $3 million. I wish I did, but I did not. What I got was advertising dollars for ads placed on this website, just as the sites accusing me of taking undisclosed money have ads. It is really damn hard to have something undisclosed when the ads announce who paid for them and I wrote about the ads multiple times. The sum total of the advertising in question was $10,000.00. And as for Paul Singer? He donated to the Super PAC, which was actually organized and initially funded by someone else.

Second, this site is not some side project of the Stoneridge Group. They designed this website, for which I paid them, and I agreed to let them put a watermark at the bottom. They are fantastic designers. If you want a beautiful logo or website, you should reach out to them.

Third, I make exactly zero dollars off this website. Thus far, all money that has come into this website has gone to pay the costs of the site, the costs of my two employees, the costs of the activism center, and various other bells and whistles. While I’d love to take money from this site since I gave up my RedState paycheck in December, thus far 100% of every dollar raised by this site has been invested in the site or paid costs related to the site.

Fourth, the fact that Trump supporters cannot defend their guy, but would rather cast aspersions on Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, myself and others and also come to the conclusion that the only people who could oppose Trump are bought and paid for the establishment continues to explain that Trump supporters do not really have a rational outlook on the election, but are instead driven by emotion.

Fifth, Charles Johnson, Michael Savage, Roger Stone, and a bunch of anonymous nutjobs on Twitter are the ones invested in this lie. Do I need to really say more?

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