Manteo, North Carolina, USA - November 13, 2013: A horizontal shot of five newspaper kiosks holding regional, and local newspapers for dispensing. From left to right, the kiosks hold: The Washington Post, Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Virginian-Pilot, Outer Banks Sentinel, and The Coastland Times.

The Washington Post Just Joined the New York Times in Jeopardizing Our National Security

Earlier this month, the New York Times outed the CIA agent in charge of overseeing intelligence gathering in Iran. He was a covert operative and outing him puts him and his family in jeopardy.

But the New York Times wants to undermine any shift in policy towards Iran, so the paper was perfectly happy to put an American’s life in jeopardy to undermine President Trump.

Well, today, it is happening again. This time it is the Washington Post.

So hell bent on keeping the Trump-Russia drumbeat alive, the Washington Post has a major story on poor Barack Obama trying to stop Putin. It contains this amazing paragraph:

Early drafts accused Putin by name, but the reference was removed out of concern that it might endanger intelligence sources and methods.

In other words, the United States intelligence community thought releasing this information might endanger sources and methods, but the Washington Post is happy to report it anyway and possibly endanger sources and methods.

I realize the American media considers itself part of the Resistance to President Trump, but how many American intelligence agents and sources are going to get murdered and how many more Republican Congressmen are going to get gunned down in their quest to bring down one man’s Presidency? This is appalling.

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