The Weekend

We had a good Memorial Day weekend. I’ve been promising to take Christy to the beach for some time, but we haven’t had a chance. Between my flying back and forth to DC and everything else going on, the beach will have to wait.

At the end of June, I’ll be taking Evelyn to Memphis for a family get together — my brother-in-law is retiring from the Navy. It’s a big to do. Christy can’t leave because that is the last Friday that she and her boss are in their office. Then, we’ll be gone the first week of July. For the five years that we have been married, we have not been to Christy’s families’ reunion in Illinois. With Evelyn here now, we decided we’d take a big road trip.

We’ll head to Illinois, then down to Memphis to see my oldest sister and her family, then to Mississippi to see my middle sister and her family, then on to Louisiana to see my parents, and finally back to Carrollton, GA to take Christy to very long scheduled doctor’s appointment. It will be a whirlwind trip.

Ah, summer is upon us and the highway beckons.

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  • Hey there! We are going to La the 8th-11th to spend my birthday with Papa~ Gerald is in Aruba for 21 days for his military training, WHATEVER!~ It seems that the summer will pass us by, we are going to see Andi and family in July and plan some weekend trips. Someome has a birthday in a few days.