FILE - In this June 29, 2015 file photo, protesters gather across the street from a restaurant in Chicago before Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to members of the City Club of Chicago. Student activists and longtime Chicago organizers have planned protests March 10, 2016 outside the University of Illinois at Chicago venue where Trump is scheduled to speak. Students said they planned to demonstration because of disparaging comments Trump has made, particularly about Muslims and Mexicans.(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)

The Will of the People is Crap

Mike Huckabee says that “when voters make a decision, you suck it up and accept it.”

The former governor may not know this, but I’m a voter. And my decision is to oppose Donald Trump. So he can suck it up and accept it. This “will of the people” stuff does nothing for me as the will of the people is the very mob rule our founders worked hard to constrain.

Let me show you a few emails from people I’ve gotten in the past few days.

I used to take your message as gospel. however, you have ignored the will of the people and have spoken against trump in your unbiased reporting. please understand that you are dividing the people. please look at the positives. we are tired of the same ole rhetoric. we need a business man to balance the budget and create jobs. please be more impartial.

Then this.

Hearing of Eric Ericsson’s “closed doors” meeting to decide how to defeat DonaldTrump and invalidate the voting public’s right to elect their leadership by trying to figure out how to accomplish THE MACHINE’s goals, of which you are all too clearly a member…….bitterly disappointed.

Do not underestimate the will and power of the people……we are not a figurehead Communist country where we “vote” just to make us feel powerful but the leaders are chosen without public input. You are signing a death warrant to your validity and integrity as a news reporting agency…….and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Then there is this one.

As a staunch conservative I am deeply angered by your absolute arrogance. You seem to think that you get to override the will of the people and that you can decide the outcome of the republican convention. By the way, I’m not an advocate for Trump. Other candidates were definitely my preference. But for you to think that you know better then the people and to disregard the votes of the Americans to impose your will on us. You have some nerve. People like you are the problem.

And there is this one.

I was a tea party advocate and I support Trump. How dare you and others support disenfranchising my vote and others because you don’t like him or want him!!!!!!!!!!!. It is up to the people who vote, not your establishment lobbyists, leaders or anyone else who thinks it is okay to cheat and disenfranchise the voters. Mind your business, and let the American people have the say.

You are making a fool of yourself. If you guys go through with this, I will dump this Republican party and either become an Independent or never vote for a Republican again. Trump and Cruz stands corrected! People will revolt. Go move to North Korea, a communist country where the people can’t vote, since you align yourself with that way of thinking.

Last one:

Are you not listening to the people? Please spend your time and energy on something worthwhile. Why would you try to stop something the American people clearly want. Does our vote mean nothing? You have no right to try and stop any candidate who the people of this great country are voting for. If you continue with your little charade you are making a mockery of our right to vote and elect to office who we want, not who you and your friends think should be elected.

The will of the people gave us Barack Obama — a President many of these people think is illegitimate.

I don’t give a damn about the will of the people. I’m telling you that I personally will not ever support Donald Trump.

If you don’t like it, deal with it. It’s the will of this person!

The will of the people is just a polite way of saying the collective, which is the authoritarian, socialist destiny of this nation if Donald Trump is elected.

I want no part of it and will play no role other than to stop Donald Trump.

If Hillary Clinton gets elected, that’s the logical outcome of a Trump nomination. That would, after all, be the will of the people.

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