The Holy Women at the Sepulchre *oil on panel *87.6 x 107.3 cm *circa 1611-1614

The Women Are Leading the Men

It is one of the interesting dynamics of the Bible, how often women lead men. Whether Eve leading Adam to the forbidden fruit or the women leading Peter and John to the open tomb, women have played an outsized influence in the life of the church for two thousand years.

Some people find it ironic that the Bible is clear that women should not be in positions of Biblical authority given how influential they have been in church history, but there are valid theological reasons for this and the arguments over it ignore just how overwhelmingly influential women already are in the church in sources of funding, prayer, support, and often moral clarity.

That moral clarity is happening right now and it is flying under the surface, out of sight of reporters, political operatives, and activists. The video taped revelation of Donald Trump saying he can grab women by their genitals has been the most disruptive force in the campaign cycle. Many women in the church who had been leaning toward Trump are suddenly turned against him. They are turning their husbands and children against Trump too.

Beth Moore, the highly respected Christian whose bible studies are used by millions of evangelical women, has spoken out and she does not speak out about politics. That she did now is telling. Sara Groves, the wonderful Christian singer, emboldened by Beth Moore has spoken out too. Christine Caine, who is very prominent among young evangelical women opposed to human trafficking, has spoken out.

Behind the scenes other very prominent and influential women in the church are whispering. They have had enough of this campaign season and they are done with Trump. Their influence into the lives of other women and those women’s families cannot be understated. It is also their prominence that is going to scuttle the last remains of the old Religious Right — those men even now defending Donald Trump and his remarks. This will not end well for those men.

It was the women of the church who wept at the cross and rushed to the tomb and funded so many early missionaries. It is the women of the church now providing a lot of moral clarity.

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