President Donald Trump waves as he walks with first lady Melania Trump during the inauguration parade on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2016. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, Pool)

The Women’s March Is a Reminder of How Much More Diverse the Republican Party Is

As the left marches on Washington in the name of women, it is worth reminding everyone how much more diverse the Republican Party is than the Democrats.

Sure, if your view of diversity is only superficial and skin deep, no one can argue that the Democrats have greater diversity. But real diversity is of the mind and the Democrats are, again today, proving they are the most intolerant of diversity of either political party

You are far more likely to find pro-abortion Republicans than pro-life Democrats.

You are far more likely to find gun-restriction advocates in the GOP than you are to find second amendment purists in the Democratic Party.

You are far more likely to find Republicans who support gay marriage than Democrats who support traditional marriage.

You are far more likely to find Republicans skeptical of evangelical Christianity than you are Democrats who are evangelical Christians.

You are far more likely to find pro-union Republicans than you are pro-free market Democrats.

On just about every major issue of the day, the Republican Party is the party wherein the struggle of ideas and the free market of ideas have clashes. The Democrats are lockstep on policies, even when those policies, like abortion and gun rights opposition, are outside the mainstream of American thought.

Democrats can look on all of this and smugly think they are right on all their issues so there is no need for diversity of opinion. But then I hope they will glance over at the White House today as they march are realize half the country disagrees.

Statistically, in this country, conservatives are far more likely to encounter liberals on a daily basis than liberals are to encounter conservatives. Liberals have walled themselves off from the rest of society while demanding the rest of society adhere to liberal amorality.

That’s not going to cut it for at least the next four years. Maybe by then they’ll realize getting in people’s faces and calling them bigots for disagreeing and persecuting Christians for wanting to live their faith in the public square are not good ways to advance their agenda.

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