The Worst Part of Trump’s Endless ‘Them’ Play

Let’s be real about one thing: The racism was there before Donald Trump. Those who slapped Trump stickers on their pickup truck rear windows already knew what they believed before the New York billionaire showed up to tell them. We mustn’t forget that Trump spent years cultivating his following.

Once the first shot is fired, who will be responsible for the massacre?

He was not playing to America, or to critically-thinking political followers in his Saturday press conference, or his Monday tweets, or his Tuesday presser. He was playing to those people in pickup trucks. That’s his audience, and it’s always been his audience.

How could Trump have called white supremacists who marched in torchlight shouting “Blood & Soil!”, “very fine people?”

Nobody at the Charlottesville protests, other than the police, who had to be there, and possibly members of the press, who were at least titularly neutral, earned the moniker “fine people.”

He said it to incite the left-leaning press to show their colors, which they did. The MSM believes that antifa and its fellow-travelers, anarchists and Che-worshippers, are protesting the “alt-right.” Trump’s audience knows differently. And his audience is not the tiny group that actually showed up in Charlottesville, it’s rather the millions who turned out to vote for him in the GOP primaries and the general election.

To Trump, it’s always about “them.”

In this way, Trump is a lot like former President Obama. After every egregious mass shooting, police assassination, or horrible crime perpetrated by leftist thugs like BLM, Obama would condemn the violence, and then offer a wink and a nod by calling for gun control, or blaming conservative narratives–often letting the press do that part for him.

Trump doesn’t have the press as his megaphone, but he plays them like a Stradivarius, and they play his tune. The press is “them.” The left is “them.” Anyone who supports Trump, whether they’re Hitler Youth or Jerry Falwell, Jr.1, gets a pass and a hug. Trump is incapable of rejecting anyone who supports him.

So some of the worst people in America get called “fine people” by the president, while Trump’s “them” one-act play remains intact.

The worst part of this is that the latent racism stirred up by the fringe lunatic left and the racist evil neo-Nazis will continue to fester and grow. Trump does not care what other politicians say. He does not care what businessmen say.

He does not care if he is refusing to lead America into healing, and instead is leading it into hate.

The next time (and there will be a next time unless something radically changes) the “alt-right” and the “alt-left” collide, the police may not be so restrained. The damage might not be limited to a single murder and two dead police officers. The racists may not confine themselves to tiki torches. And once the first shot is fired, who will be responsible for the massacre?

Trump will say “them.”

1I used Falwell as an example of an otherwise-Godly and clear-thinking fine person to demonstrate the dichotomy.

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