Police fire teargas as protestors converge on downtown following Tuesday's police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016. Protesters have rushed police in riot gear at a downtown Charlotte hotel and officers have fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. At least one person was injured in the confrontation, though it wasn't immediately clear how. Firefighters rushed in to pull the man to a waiting ambulance.(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

The Worst Twitter

I’ve seen a lot of outrageous things on Twitter.  It’s the mosh pit of social media, filled with odious personalities, vicious alter-egos, know-nothing opinions and so much plain nastiness that it’s impossible to jump in and come out the other side clean.  To me, though, the worst Twitter is probably stupid Twitter:  the tweet so ill-conceived that it’s hard to believe any rational person would even consider it.  Amazingly enough, a lot of those emanate from members of the national media–you know, those people who consider themselves part of the elite ruling class consider it their job to tell everyone what to think.

Even by that standard, however, this tweet by John Hendrickson from Esquire magazine is in a league of stupid all its own:


Yes, those are veterans of World War II gathered at the memorial to their comrades in Washington, DC.  And yes, Hendrickson just equated their heroics on the battlefield to the antics of masked Antifa hooligans who smash storefronts, torch cars and smack people upside the head with bike locks.

Dude–when you’re starting to make Sally Kohn look smart by comparison, it’s time to get off Twitter.

Since when has any Antifa tough guy ever put on a uniform, sworn allegiance to something greater than himself, and gone into battle knowing that he might not come back?  And since when has any Antifa poseur demonstrated that he would lay down his life for the man next to him, because the unspoken oath a combat veteran swears to his buddies is every bit as important as the oath he swore to his country?  And when the hell did any Antifa thug pick up a rifle and charge headlong against an armed enemy that exists only to kill him?  The men in that photograph understand these things because they were actual soldiers.  They were sailors and they were Marines.  They had honor–and they didn’t hide their faces from anyone.

If Hendrickson can’t understand that distinction, then he’s an even bigger nitwit than his tweet suggests.

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