There Is Zero Need For Ted Cruz to Endorse Donald Trump

If Ted Cruz has not noticed yet, he is going to get blamed for the Trump Circus no matter what. The Rubio supporters are still wedded to the idea that if only Ted had attacked Trump in 2015, Trump would have lost. They ignore that people higher in the polling at that time did attack Trump and never made it. They want to play what if games instead of deal with reality.

Right now, at the convention, Ted Cruz is being blamed for the delegate obstructions. He had nothing to do with it at all. In fact, Cruz could have brought order to chaos and could have even overthrown Trump had he stood up and led. But he did not want to get blamed either way, so he did nothing.

Still, he got blamed.

If Trump loses, Ted Cruz is going to get blamed by the GOP.

If Trump wins, Ted Cruz is going to get blamed by the GOP.

He cannot win, but what he can do is keep his integrity intact. He can stand up and show himself to be a proud conservative member of Lincoln’s GOP without joining Trump’s GOP. He can set himself up as the standard bearer to pick up the pieces when the scales fall of the eyes of the GOP and they realize they just handed the White House to Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz has no reason to endorse Donald Trump. No one enters Trump’s orbit without losing integrity. Marco’s endorsement, non-endorsement, don’t show up but send a video was silly. Paul Ryan’s endorsement, but refusal to embrace Trump, was silly. Mike Pence running as VP only weeks after telling friends how much he loathed Trump was silly.

Cruz can be a statesman, not silly, on stage tonight.

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