An American Alligator floats in a marshland, looking straight at the camera.

There Will Always Be Women Willing to Sleep With Men to Get Ahead and Men Who Let Them

“DO NOT FEED THE ALLIGATORS” say the signs around lakes and bayous in the South. If one starts feeding the alligators, they eventually connect seeing people with getting fed. They will then start approaching people instead of staying away from people. Eventually, the alligators will attack the people, their children, and their pets. All predators have this behavior. Do not feed the bears in Yellowstone. Do not sleep with the producers in Hollywood. This is why the behavior in Hollywood will not change and why there will be more Harvey Weinsteins.

There will always be women willing to sleep with a man to get ahead of her rivals. In the era of sexual liberation, the body can be a weapon or a tool to advance one’s self ahead of one’s rivals. There will always be men willing to sleep with these women and eventually, like the predators in other swamps, they will attack the women who do not want to sleep with them thinking that they, like the others, really do.

Why even bother with this?

Well, just think about the stories we have heard over the past few weeks. Gossip columnists aided and abetted Harvey. We still do not know their names. Newspaper editors and TV producers aided and abetted Harvey. We still do not know their names. And we know the names of many of Weinstein’s victims, but based on all the conversations we have heard over and over, there are plenty of women we do not know about. Some are, no doubt, victims. But others, no doubt, were willing participants.

Weinstein had enablers and those enablers are left unnamed. They will enable others and some will get into Weinstein’s position and seek to take on his role. In the meantime, nothing will change in Hollywood.

And yes, this is yet another area where common sense runs head long into the liberal logic of the modern American insane asylum. We want to rid the world of the predators. But the sexual revolution attacks modesty and some women will take advantage of immodesty to get ahead of their rivals. That will and does just encourage the bad behavior of the predators.

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