There’s Gotta Be More To This

Jeffrey Lord was being attacked, yet again, by a Media Matters fascist and replied “Sieg Heil!”. CNN claims that is why it cut ties with him. That’s a pretty lame reason and I have to believe there is more to it than that one tweet.

In the context of what was happening, Lord’s response to the fascists at Media Matters was rather innocuous. The Media Matters folks are a bunch of militant fascists demanding censorship or conformity. They routinely bully anyone who dares to wrongthink. Lord had just written a piece at the American Spectator on Media Matters’ latest fascistic crusade to shutdown Sean Hannity.

The entire context of the tweet that got him fired forces me to think there is either more to the firing than is being said publicly or CNN really did cave to Media Matters. I mean, having been routinely harassed at CNN for three years by Media Matters, I know internally what the network thinks of Media Matters and just cannot imagine them caving to a group like that.

With Lord’s contract up at the end of the year and supposedly there being no plans to renew it, perhaps this was just the excuse needed for CNN to part ways early. If so, it is pretty lame and will just embolden the censorious fascists of the left.

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