There’s No Such Thing As ‘Reproductive Rights’

The august and intellectually corpulent vultures–who in groups are known as a committee–writing as the Washington Post Editorial Board, declared that the “Supreme Court saves reproductive freedom.” It’s pure fiction.

There’s no such thing as reproductive freedom, or reproductive rights. They don’t exist.

The Supreme Court’s job is to interpret the Constitution. The Constitution grants no rights to anyone. The Constitution defends rights that already exist from being infringed by a power-hungry government, made up of error-prone human beings. That document bears no mention of “reproductive rights,” or even “privacy.” Justice Louis Brandeis conjured up “privacy” from the Constitution like some preachers find “send me cash so God can bless you” from the Scriptures.

And in Roe v. Wade, the Court conjured up a right to abortion based on the pretend-right to privacy. It doesn’t exist. And Monday, the Supreme Court, led by Justice Breyer, upheld a human-designed fantasy, and those who believe in that fantasy cheered.

Our human rights are given by God: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In that order and in that descending priority. My life is not worth less than your liberty, and my liberty is not worth less than your pursuit of happiness. These things are beyond argument, because they survive the test of scale.

Who would volunteer to give up their life or their liberty for a concept like the “greater good?” You know, the planet is overcrowded so I’ll just suicide because I’m using too many resources. Nobody (sane). Who would volunteer to give up their life because their existence makes someone else unhappy? Same answer.

But “reproductive rights” are based on a baby giving up his or her life because that life’s very existence makes mama unhappy. All of of this is based on the made-up right to privacy so women can have all the unprotected sex they want in their own bedroom and someone else has to pay for it.

There’s a solution to unwanted babies, because God designed positive consent into reproduction. We needn’t get into the birds and the bees here, but pregnancy doesn’t just happen.

The unscientific and self-serving definitions of “life” used by abortion-lovers simply ignore the fact that a positive action is required in every single instance to create a new human life–they skip right to some number of weeks when said infant supposedly passes a magical etherial barrier and is granted a quality we cannot convey but by God’s design.

Now the abortion crowd will throw “life of the mother” and “rape” at us. Rape-induced pregnancies were not chosen by the mother. True. Mothers who must make the terrible choice of saving their own lives or deciding for their children who lives and dies are not a positive choice either.

That’s the same as a mom in a burning room with her two children, who can take only one child out of the room. Yet we would react in horror if the mother left both children to perish and saved her favorite outfit instead (because it makes her happy). In fact, society would try to put that mom away in jail for a long time.

The phony “reproductive right” upheld the the five corrupted Justices had nothing to do with rape or life of the mother. They overturned Texas’ legislative imperative to force abortion clinics to comply with the same regulations other health care facilities must follow. Abortion clinics now don’t need to have rape kits or facilities to save the life of the mother.

They exist to preserve the wholly-invented right of the mother to her own happiness at the expense of her child, who will be killed in a cold, filthy, room by cold, filthy-souled ghouls and thrown into the medical waste pile–if not vivisected for parts first.

So much for rape and life of the mother arguments. The abortion-loving Left’s disdain for those things has been laid bare by the Court’s abominable decision. And the Washington Post’s vultures have the gall to write this:

Politicians may not use obvious pretexts to erode a woman’s right to end a pregnancy. Forty-three years after Roe, they should stop trying.

The only pretext pro-life legislators need is Romans 1:18-25. And we will never stop trying to preserve those rights given by God which have been trampled by the death-merchants for the sake of their own vain, foolish, and short lives.


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