#TheResistance is Failing

Trial lawyers have a saying:

“If you’re weak on the facts and strong on the law, pound the law. If you’re weak on the law and strong on the facts, pound the facts. If you’re weak on both, pound the table.”

Liberal politicians along with their low-rent hooker, the MSM, have created a blizzard of chaff with their ceaseless Chicken Little “the sky is falling” mantra. It has become obvious this is a coordinated attempt to delegitimize the constitutionally qualified and duly elected president. From the Emoluments Clause nonsense to the Russian Connection-“The Hacked Election” conspiracy theory, President Trump’s first 30 days in office has been under constant attack.

However, even the staunchest Never-Trump Republicans are beginning to acknowledge both President Trump’s conservative bent, as well as his initial success. Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Karl Rove was very complimentary: (via RedState)

“But let’s give him credit, on substance, off to a strong start. A cabinet that’s turning out to be impressive. Moving ahead with some regulatory changes to Obamacare. Republicans on The Hill beginning to wrangle over what legislation to repeal it. Tax reform, again, wrangling, moving it forward….But, you know, that’s the — we’ve got to give him credit. He’s — he’s — he’s moving forward in a lot of ways.”

The author of the article offered up a commentary which is spot-on:

“I think Rove is right. On the policy side we’re seeing the most conservative cabinet of my lifetime installed. How can you possibly argue with Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt, and Betsy DeVos in terms of their policy preferences…The House and Senate are felling Obama regulations, including an Obama regulation protecting Planned Parenthood. Trump’s regulatory freeze is beginning to bite.” He concluded his article with a salient point, “I understand people not liking Trump, though, I have to admit it is becoming a bit harder each day to take the anti-Trump people any more seriously that I take Evan McMuffin McMullin. Id be a lot more open to their constant whining and fault finding if they would, like Rove, take a couple of seconds to acknowledge we’ve got more conservative stuff done in the past month than we got under eight years of Bush.” (Emphasis mine)

This goes to the heart of the issue. Stuff is getting done. What has become noticeable is how the Resistance Party can’t and won’t say anything of substance on his policies or what he has accomplished. This kind of discussion is verboten.

The reason lies in the number 73. A recent Harvard-Harris poll showed 73% of all Americans want the Democrats working with the President to accomplish his goals and policies. Notice the phrasing. “Work with the President”. Not as Sen. Chuck Schumer is wont to say “Mr. President, we’re more than glad to compromise with you if you are willing to do it our way.”

The Resistance Party is plainly avoiding any semblance of a frank policy discussion because it’s a loser for them. 73% is a huge number. They first have to delegitimize him and stain him with Fake News in order to turn public opinion their way.

Even this morning on President’s Day, the mandarins on Morning Joe are still obsessively focused on “Trump’s assault on the media”, and “The Russian Connection”.

Will it work? It hasn’t so far, and doesn’t seem to be a winning strategy. From now on, when you watch the liberals pound the table, just smile and chuckle. It is an implicit admission of a very weak hand.



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