They Really Can’t Be Making This Into a Movie, Right?

Sandra Bullock has always been one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood.  “That girl…from the bus” as Frank Costanza famously immortalized her in Seinfeld lore, referring to Bullock’s breakout lead in the blockbuster Speed, has played a litany of endearing roles throughout her career.

It seems she has decided to part with the endearing side of her reputation:

Actress Sandra Bullock has reportedly signed-on to play former Democratic Senator Wendy Davis, better known as “Abortion Barbie,” in a film romanticizing Davis’ 2013 filibuster against pro-life legislation, which ultimately ended in epic failure.


The film, called Let Her Speak, will reportedly track Davis’ 11-hour filibuster that gained national attention in June of 2013. Davis delayed a pro-life bill to the endless applause of pro-abort Democrats and the media. But the bill became law just a month later and, ironically, the feminist ended up immensely helping Republicans with her failed run for the governorship in 2014, which hinged off the much-ballyhooed filibuster.

First things first: how awful will this movie be?  This isn’t a fascinating story in the least.  It was an ineffective filibuster in a state legislature that wasn’t remarkable for its length or purpose.  No one knows this woman, and those who do aren’t impressed.  She lost her bid for Governor in spectacular, historic fashion.

Further, “Abortion Barbie Goes to Austin” isn’t going to quite move audiences the way “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” did.  Remember that Mr. Smith filibustered the U.S. Senate to oppose corruption, graft, and sleaze.  Ms. Davis filibustered the Texas legislature to support the dismemberment and decapitation of defenseless babies.  Can’t see that storyline becoming an instant classic.

Finally, the mere fact that someone, somewhere thought this would make for a good movie – and the fact that someone as well-respected and seemingly sane (for Hollywood) like Sandra Bullock would agree to participate is more evidence that the far left has absolutely no idea what they are doing politically.  This is so tone deaf to mainstream America that they are essentially begging that mainstream to re-elect Donald Trump.

Seth Mandel put it best when remarking on the upcoming Bullock/Davis flick:

“He’s going to be president forever and maybe we deserve it.”

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