Think Ashley Judd Can’t Get Weirder? Think Again…

There are times I legitimately begin to feel sorry for Hollywood types. They don’t lead normal lives, they encounter pressures and demands that I will never have to face, their every move is recorded, every word is publicized, and every deed is scrutinized both by hostile and friendly forces. With as annoyed as I get with so many of them, I try to remember that what they experience isn’t all privilege and pleasure.

Yet just when I am beginning to empathize with the real challenges these stars must face, something like this surfaces and it completely destroys the goodwill I was trying to develop.

If you haven’t seen this bizarre and pathetic Facebook Live video recorded and posted personally by self-proclaimed feminist and “Nasty Woman” Ashley Judd, you owe it to yourself to watch. If for no other reason at least to marvel at what it must be like to have to try so hard to find something to be offended by. While Judd is well known for her abnormal and erratic behavior, this was something special even by her standards.

She begins her unhinged tale in the security check area of an obviously busy airport, where we find out she has just been the unwitting recipient of “everyday sexism.” Knowing Judd’s penchant for battling feminist windmills regularly, you could just sense this was going to be one harrowing experience for the Hollywood celebrity.

Apparently as Judd was coming through security, an airport worker attempted to get her attention by calling out, “Hey sweetheart.” And while many of us have experienced the annoyance of having a precocious 16-year-old waitress at Cracker Barrel call us “Hun” like we were her child, normal human beings also realize that “sweetheart” in this regard is meant as a polite term of endearment, not a sexist insult. But Judd is not normal; so of course she responded by lecturing the poor guy that, “I’m not your sweetheart, I am your client.”

To be honest, if I was the kind airport security worker, I would have been very tempted to respond with, “No, you’re not my client. You’re a passenger who has just become belligerent with the TSA. Do you really want to go down this road?” But instead, the man apparently continued his jovial attitude and told her, “Hey, nice dress.” Does Ashley respond with a smile and an, “Oh thank you very much!”? Anyone who would think that doesn’t know Ms. Judd.

She became indignant. After all, she didn’t hear him compliment anyone else’s attire! And in the modern feminist narrative, it’s always “opposite day” where a compliment from a man is actually an insult. But things were about to get even worse. Evidently the kind security guy attempted to assist Judd with getting her items on the conveyor belt. In the course of doing so, something terrible happened…he touched her. We don’t have any reason to believe that it wasn’t an incidental brushing of his arm against her arm as they reached for the items on the belt, but Judd was quick to inform him, “That was inappropriate.”

In her video, Judd almost became emotional as she expressed how hard it was to continue “setting boundaries” when others persisted in violating them. If you’re going to ask whether it dawned on her that perhaps normal people would never assume someone could have such asinine “boundaries” to be respected in the first place, save your breath. Of course it doesn’t dawn on her.

And in one final insult from the patriarchy, as she walked away from the checkpoint, the kind man said to her, “Have a good day sweetheart.” The only problem for this personable and friendly employee was that our Hollywood feminist heroine had plenty of time on her hands that day. So she found a manager and promptly complained about his behavior. According to Judd, the manager reprimanded the employee before giving her free gift cards for her “trouble.”

Some might be tempted to think that Ashley Judd pretentiously posted all this in some sad, pathetic attempt to pitch herself as a champion of femininity while really revealing herself as an overly sensitive narcissist that may just have a few bats loose in her belfry. Unsurprisingly Judd feels differently, explaining in her video that she’s just one small voice doing her part to stand up against this systemic sexism that fills even our airport terminals.

She’s such a sweetheart.

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