Third Trump Foreign Policy Advisor Discredited

One of Trump’s advisors is George Papadopolous, a 2009 college graduate whose sole claim to being a foreign policy expert appears to be time in a Model U.N.

Papadopoulos’ LinkedIn page also boasts about his role at the 2012 meeting in Geneva of Model U.N., the student role-playing exercise on international diplomacy.

A second Trump advisor is Carter Page, who has controversial ties to Moscow and has been caught on camera bad mouthing the United States to a Russian audience. He also reported has financial times to a Russian energy monopoly.

Now we have a third of the five foreign policy advisors. New allegations are surfacing about former Defense Department Inspector General Joseph Schmitz. Like Papadopolous and Page, Schimtz advises Trump and is alleged to be both a holocaust denier and bragged about firing Jews at the Department of Defense.

These are all, it seems, reflections of the candidate himself: a neophyte, Russia loving, anti-Semite who dog whistles to the alt-right.

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