This Bears Noting and Repeating

A lot of prominent conservatives who’ve joined Trump’s cause, both openly and pseudonymously, have begun making the argument that conservatism has failed. “What has conservatism conserved?” they ask.

It’s worth noting that almost all of the major Trump supporters saying this have been lead mouthpieces for the conservative cause and profiteers off the movement. To the extent they think conservatism has failed to conserve anything, they sure did get rich off its failure and now want us to believe the Trump way will be more successful.

The Trump way was losing to the Clinton way in virtually every poll going back to July of 2015. But the people who were the mouthpieces and advocates for a cause they now think failed would have us believe that this time they’re right. It is really rich to see someone who has benefited from the conservative movement take to hiding behind Roman names to claim “Conservatism, Inc.” has failed when it is the “Inc.” part of conservatism now championing Trump.

For Pete’s sake: hello Conservatism, Inc.

Or it could be profits, ratings, and access to power really shape their ideology more than principled conservatism.

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