This Campaign Season Is Starting to Remind Me of a Star Trek: Voyager Episode

On March 18, 1996, in the midst of the Republican Presidential primary of that year, Star Trek: Voyager aired the twenty-first episode of its second season entitled “Deadlock.”

In that episode, the U.S.S. Voyager attempts to avoid a star system filled with Vidiians, who kill and harvest the organs of unwilling people. As the ship reroutes, a subspace anomaly causes a distortion wherein the U.S.S. Voyager becomes connected to another U.S.S. Voyager on the other side of the rift. They are linked by the ships warp core. The ships, through the rift, share the same lives and crew.

Naturally, the Vidiians attack, board the Voyager, kill crew members, and start carving up their organs like Cecile Richards on a bender. Their attacks only affect one of the ships. Ultimately, the Vidiians are able to make it, in sequence on the other side of the rift, to the undamaged Voyager and its bridge. Captain Janeway of the undamaged Voyager self-destructs her ship after moving crew members alive on her ship, but dead on the damaged Voyager, to the damaged Voyager.

The self-destruction releases the damaged Voyager from the rift and it is able to carry on.

In this season, Episode Three “South Carolina”, contains organ harvesters called Trumpettes. They are harvesting the party and minds of its members while Ted Rubio, a Cuban candidate with an A rating from Heritage Action for America, is caught in a subspace anomaly where the Ted side has battled and been mostly undamaged and the Rubio side has been badly damaged, but soldiers on.

At this point, it seems one of them is going to self-destruct in order to blow up the Trumpettes so the other can carry on.

We just haven’t gotten to the end of the episode yet to see which conservative Cuban hits the self-destruct button.

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