This is a Major Conservative Victory

The media will not pay this much attention because the good guys won, but our conservative hill to die on was successfully climbed and conquered. Ralph Norman, by just over 200 votes, has won an upset victory in South Carolina’s fifth congressional district.

Norman was running against a trial lawyer named Tommy Pope. Pope vowed to never, ever have anything to do with the House Freedom Caucus. The Chamber of Commerce poured money into the race to support Pope and stop Norman.

Norman had pledged to join the House Freedom Caucus. Republican leaders in Washington opposed him. But Jim DeMint and the Club for Growth both stood up for Norman. DeMint, despite the recent turmoil at the Heritage Foundation, publicly supported Norman. So too did U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who often allied herself with Ralph Norman during their shared tenure in South Carolina’s state government.

The Club for Growth, though it could not match the Chamber of Commerce’s dollars, spent smartly and strategically to rally the vote for Ralph Norman. They were successful.

Ralph Norman won by around 200 votes and there will be an automatic recount by the state. It was a very close victory, but one that Norman will now be able to use and build upon.

This is a good day for conservatives against the establishment hacks in D.C.

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