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This is Abortion Advocacy, Not Journalism

I was kinda thrown off guard this morning. I got on the Facebook page of a local newspaper this morning. It’s a great place to find recommendations on gutter clearings, etc. in our area. And along with the posts on golf carts for sale and BOLOs for pick up trucks speeding on backroads, there was this.


That’s not actual reporting. That’s advocacy journalism for a local Fox affiliate. If there was a real issue there, they’d have someone already ready to be on camera and wouldn’t need to search out for someone who had to travel for an abortion.

This sounds like an editorial meeting of a bunch of liberals who have decided they need to show just how sad it is that babies cannot be killed in the area. How horrific and even more horrific that there is a clear bit of editorial bias in favor of killing kids.

The story has been written, the angle and editorial position have already been taken, and now they just want to find someone to show up on camera and affirm their opinions.

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