This is an Actual Email From an Actual Minister. Seriously.

Good grief. I think someone is listening to the spirit of fear and it ain’t me.

A NON Vote for Trump is putting ANOTHER Socialist in the White House.

As you are, I am a born again, spirit filled follower of Christ and an ordained minister. Everyone has things in their past. But God is putting someone who can win, out there for us. We need to come together. Christians wouldn’t get out and vote for Romney because he was a Mormon, so Obama was elected. We need to come together. It will be your fault and Glen Beck and every other radio announcer who are telling people not to vote for Trump if he is the nominee. Trump is not perfect by no means. But he is a leader who can do a lot of great things for this country and turn it around again.

STOP Please!! You are listening to the wrong spirit. The Spirit of Fear from Satan. Don’t continue to allow this country to be destroyed. I’m done with you if you continue to do this.

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