This is Crap

Let’s put the brakes on this before it starts. I’ll give the media the “it’s about the war” meme. I’ll give them the “it’s about the President” meme. But I won’t give them the “its a repudiation of the right” meme. That is utter crap.

The United States did not reject the agenda of the right tonight. I know the media very badly wants to say that. I know the left wants to think that. But the fact is that this is not true. Had either the left or the media paid attention, they would have heard that the right was angry about Medicare Part D. They would have heard that the right was angry about government spending. They would have picked up on the disgust the right has shown to the congressional leadership.

But of course it is to their benefit to ignore all of that. It is to their benefit to ignore the amount of time the GOP had to spend rallying its own base. it is to their benefit to ignore that the way the GOP rallied its base was to say, “You think we spend terribly? Wait till you see the Dems in charge.” It is to their benefit because they think they can dupe the American people into a liberal agenda.

The GOP failed to dupe the American public into a liberal agenda. The Democrats and media will not have better success. At the end of the day, the American public still understands that government is the problem, not the solution. And that is why the GOP was turned out of office.

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  • I am happy for the Democrats if only to ensure that true debate and power of the purse is still entact in the Congress. I like the fact that this Administration will now be held more accountable for it’s actions.

    I still think that the Republicans could have held onto more seats if the recent scandals could have been dealt with more aggressively.

  • Yeah, that’s right. When the U.S. was reporting unheard-of tax revenues, it was squelched by unbelievable expenses. The GOP needs to return to its Reagan roots.