Chancellor Adolf Hitler of Germany, left, welcomes Premier Benito Mussolini of Italy to Munich, Germany, Sept. 25, 1937, during a visit by Il Duce. (AP Photo)

This is How You Re-Create the Fascists, Nazis, and Other Demagogues

“It is not Trump you guys have to worry about. It is those who come after Trump when you ensure Trump fails at everything.”

ISIS claims credit for the terror attack in Berlin. The media downplays the Islamic connection. Reading press reports, it seems the Transformers have arrived on earth because the truck drove itself into the crowd.

Media pundits, liberals, etc. begin to wring their hands over the rise of populists and nationalists who will take advantage of these attacks for gain on the ballot. The left demands the doors fly open for refugees and anyone who questions it is a racist, bigot, or Islamophobe.

In this country, a knife attack at Ohio State University quickly falls off the front page when it becomes apparent the terrorist is Islamic. In Orlando, FL, the left begins to speculate that the terrorist at a gay nightclub had repressed homosexual feelings and lashed out despite a 9-1-1 call wherein he pledged his loyalty to ISIS.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding, the terrorists who the media loves show up and ruin your business, your reputation, and sic the government on you to take your retirement, your home, and your livelihood.

The reality in this world is simple. Most people will gladly trade liberty for security and as the left keeps spending more time attacking people for using the phrase “radical Islam”, more and more people are turning to strong men for security.

Concurrently, traditionalists and Christians who would otherwise be skeptical of and concerned with the growth of populist demagogues think they have no where else to go because the left is after their businesses, their private schools, and even their bathrooms.

It is not the rise of immigration and Islamic radicalism and gay marriage and transgenderism that is creating a resurgence of populist and nationalist tendencies around the world. It is the left’s mainstreaming of these things that is causing it.

People who do not feel safe believe the left is blaming them instead of protecting them. Consequently, voters are moving to those who they think will protect them and they are willing to hold their nose about those politicians’ flaws. The left acts as if there are random lone wolves out there and this is a new normal. The left acts as if businesses should be shuttered if their owners operate as Christians. They not only don’t behave as if they can protect citizens, but they also turn the mob against citizens.

In the 1930’s, the fascists and Nazis came to power because they claimed they offered security and stability. They did so unapologetically. And they could contrast themselves with their opponents who were milquetoast, scared to offend, and apologetic to others for their own citizens. Their opponents seemed out of ideas that people trusted and they offered failed ideas repackaged as news and shiny.

In this country, the left seems perpetually determined to apologize for their fellow citizens who they view as small minded bigots. The same is happening in Europe. The elites, most of whom are progressive, are ashamed of their countrymen and have concluded it is their fellow countrymen who are causing all the problems.

As a result, their countrymen are rejecting the elite.

It is the left that creates fascists, Nazis, and demagogues by being so openly worried about populists and nationalists that they spend their time hagridden by guilt apologizing and overcompensating for the perceived sins of a people scared they’re going to get blown up or run over by radicals or have their businesses shuttered for being Christians.

Fascism and Nazism were insane overcorrections against an elite who looked down on their own fellow citizens and ashamedly apologized to the very people they should have been standing firm against.

It is not Trump you guys have to worry about. It is those who come after Trump when you ensure Trump fails at everything. Those of you on the left who would blackball anyone who meets with him, anyone who helps him, and anyone who is polite to him and those of you who insist he should fail, will fail, and must fail will see others come after him who are really what you think he is, but that he really is not.

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