This Is Normal Now. But It Still Isn’t Right.

Everyone keeps saying things like “this isn’t normal” when talking about President Trump’s behavior. But it is normal now. It is normal and it is excused by Trump humpers who refuse to do anything but fluff up the President at the expense of honesty and integrity.

This Administration has done plenty of good, but it continues to debase the integrity of the office with childish behaviors. If the President wanted to not sign a G7 accord, so be it. That is his right and, frankly, given the current members of the G7, it was probably a bad idea anyway.

But to reject it in push a childish manner is disgraceful. Making it about the behavior of the Prime Minister of Canada just makes Her Majesty’s pretty boy matter in ways he never has. President Trump’s antics elevate Prime Minister Empty Suit and give him a credibility he otherwise would not have.

The whole thing is ridiculous and made more ridiculous by a bunch of people cheering on the clownish nature of it all.

This is the new normal. Our President behaves likes a five year old who needs his butt beat by dad. But General Kelly seems to have tired of administering the spankings and Elagabalus has moved on to Singapore.

It is not right that the President of the United States, through child like antics, is elevating Prime Ministers of Canada to higher stature than they deserve while demeaning the trust of our allies as he sucks up to Russia.

I have a long record of rejecting the idea that Trump colluded with Russians to steal the Presidency. But he sure does have Putin related priapism.

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