This is Not About Donald Trump. The Russian Issue Should Be Taken Seriously and Investigated

Just four years ago, the Republican nominee for President, Mitt Romney, was roundly mocked by the political left for suggesting Russia was a threat to the United States. Even then the Russians were beginning systematic attempts at undermining western democracies.

Four years later, the Republicans should not reject the position they once defended just because partisans on the left have flipped their position.

This campaign season it was abundantly obvious and well documented that the Russians were trying to use social media accounts, etc. to undermine American faith in our system of elections. As I and others have documented, numerous accounts that were once “Ebola in America” accounts and similar accounts suddenly became Trump accounts. Many of these accounts had the odd habit of being most active during business hours in Moscow.

There is ample evidence the Russians hacked the DNC and they most likely hacked the RNC as well. There is ample evidence that Wikileaks operates as a de facto arm of Russian propaganda services.

This is not about Donald Trump. This is about the Russians. Both parties need to treat this seriously. I would caution Democrats that they will risk losing bipartisan support if they try to make this a partisan issue. If Democrats continue claiming the Russians handed the White House to Trump with no evidence, they will only see Republicans walk away.

If, however, both parties are willing to recognize the Russians are attempting to subvert our democracy and we have no knowledge as to their success or lack thereof, we should be able to keep a nonpartisan national security issue at that level.

Congress does need to investigate this. Frankly, Republicans should be just as worried as the Democrats. If the RNC was hacked and if Trump does stand up to the Russians, the GOP will experience what the Democrats experienced.

Both sides have a vested interest in investigating this issue outside of partisanship and should do so promptly.

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