This is So Profoundly Stupid It Makes My Head Hurt

From the rectum of the annals of history, someone pulled this out seeking to treat it as a legitimate argument. According to this piece, Donald Trump is Constantine the Great and Hillary Clinton is Diocletian. If you fail to vote for Trump, you are inviting persecution on the church in America.

First, there is something completely missing from the entire piece. That would be something called scripture. Continuing the trend of overwrought pieces by Christians trying to shame people into voting for Trump, the lack of scripture is pretty telling.

Second, we have a Christian calling Christians who refuse to vote for Trump, “Perfectionist Christians”. Now, I thought that Christians recognized they were sinners, but always worked toward the perfect knowing that only through Christ would they get there.

Third, if this piece is to believed, we can expect the government to start paying for churches if Trump is elected.

The bishops were more than grateful. They were downright cooperative, allowing Constantine to summon a church council to resolve controversies over the divinity of Christ. He paid for the bishops’ travel and gave the keynote speech at the council’s opening — then used the force of law to enact its decisions. It was this council, held in Nicaea, that gave us the formula still recited by well over a billion Christians: the Nicene Creed.

In fact, what we learned after Constantine was that letting the state be involved in the affairs of the church could be just as bad as the state being hostile to the church. In the West, church leaders began working over time to disentangle themselves from Constantine’s heirs.

But that is all beside the point. Trump is not Constantine and Clinton is not Diocletian. They are sinners just like you and me. Both of them want to allow men in your daughter’s bathroom. Both of them want to fund Planned Parenthood. And neither one of them needs a Christian’s vote if it is God’s will they get elected.

God can do it on his own. Between two evils, God has never asked his people to choose. But what God does tell his people in 1 Corinthians 5 is that if someone calls himself a Christian but is unrepentantly guilty of sexual immorality, greed, idolatry, swindling others, etc. Christians should have nothing to do with that person. Donald Trump has said repeatedly he has never had the need to repent of the sins.

Y’all, if you want to vote for Trump, have at it. It is not a matter of the gospel and Christians can disagree. But calling Christians “morally superior” or “perfectionist Christians’ because they’re actually striving to put their values before their politics really isn’t an attack fellow Christians should level.

We will always, when we enter the voting booth, vote for a sinner. But I think scripture is pretty clear we should not openly support one who revels in his sins. Vote for him in the privacy of your voting booth, but stop beclowning yourselves comparing him to men who humbled themselves before the Lord. Even Constantine repented. Trump still brags that he has no need to.

By the way, did I mention Trump is cool with a man using your daughter’s bathroom? Because he is. And do you really think you can control the man once he is in office? You cannot control him now. God is going to spare the church from persecution, not Trump. God put Constantine on the throne, not voters. Put your trust in God, not politicians. Focus on the kingdom, not the king. Don’t vote for Trump because you fear what might happen because of his opponent winning. Instead, fear the Lord and trust in him for your protection. That is, at least, biblical. And also better history than comparing Trump and Clinton to two Roman Emperors of the third century.

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