This is the ONLY WAY to Stop Donald Trump Right Now

There is one way to stop Donald Trump right now, and only way, that does not involve blowing up the Republican Party.

It is feasible and it is doable.

There are certainly ways to stop Donald Trump in the general election, but those ways involve the utter destruction of the top of the GOP in hopes of saving down ballot races.

Right now, there is only one way to stop Trump without destroying the GOP as an effective institution.

Rally to Ted Cruz.

John Kasich cannot mathematically beat Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. To beat Donald Trump, Kasich would have to make up delegates. In fact, Kasich is very happy being Donald Trump’s Vice President despite protestations to the contrary.

Cruz is the only person who can mathematically stop Trump now, can hold on to anti-establishment voters, and then preserve the GOP into the general election.

I have been involved in third party talks. I agree the life boats have to be put in the water.

But that should not distract any of us from the singular focus of trying to preserve the party of Lincoln and beat Hillary Clinton.

That only happens by everyone rallying now to Ted Cruz.

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