Mitt Romney leaves after meeting with United States President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence at the clubhouse at Trump International Golf Club, November 19, 2016 in Bedminster Township, New Jersey. Credit: Aude Guerrucci / Pool via CNP /MediaPunch/IPX

This is Where Things Start to Suck

Wilbur Ross is a Democrat. He worked with Bill Clinton. He has funded Democrats. He has been on the New York Democratic Committee. He is a Democrat filled with Democrat ideas. And Trump wants him to be Secretary of Commerce.

Steven Mnuchin is a George Soros loving leftist who forced poor people into foreclosures that were unnecessary. He is as insider as you can get on Wall Street.

As much as Tom Price is a friend and good man, he has also been in Congress since 2002 and Elaine Chao, as much as she is a nightmare to union activists, is Mitch McConnell’s wife and a career cabinet member.

How exactly is Donald Trump intending to drain the swamp?

It seems like he is about to engage in swamp subsidy with a Democrat and a George Soros guy while bringing in career politicians from the GOP with establishment ties.

He’s already advancing an infrastructure plan that is bigger than what Barack Obama proposed and passed with zero GOP votes, but Republicans are signaling they are willing to pass Trump’s even bigger spending plan because he’s not black not Obama.

Betsy Devos is an awesome pick.

Nikki Haley is an awesome pick.

Mattis as Defense would be an awesome pick. Hell, even Romney at State would be a mature, stabilizing pick. But a Soros man and a major New York Democrat as well as career politicians and a big spending plan really start to make the whole thing suck.

And if Trump winds up with Bob Corker as Secretary of State, a man who suffers from a short man’s Napoleonic complex, we’re in for four smug years of seriously revolting foreign policy. Remember, Corker bent over for Obama on Iran and only afterwards realized he got screwed.

This isn’t looking good right now.

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