President Barack Obama hugs Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after addressing the delegates during the third day session of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Wednesday, July 27, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

This is Why Hillary Clinton Lost

A friend of mine is self-employed. His girlfriend is living off savings right now and has no job. They both went to the website this week to apply for insurance. Right now, my friend’s girlfriend technically has no income. When she put that in on the Obamacare website, she was informed she was ineligible for Obamacare and would have to apply for medicaid.

When she went on the medicaid site, she was informed that because she had no income, but was not disabled or pregnant, she was ineligible for medicaid in Georgia. If she wants insurance she is going to have pay out of pocket upwards of $800.00 a month.

My friend’s situation is even more humorous. He is going to get a $40.00 a month Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan. But he won’t be able to actually use it. The insurance plan he is getting is not accepted at any doctor’s office in Georgia. If he goes to the hospital ER he’d be fine, but his doctor won’t take it. If he wants to keep the plan he currently has, he’d have to shell out $600.00 a month. If he decides not to get insurance, the Obamacare fine this year will cost him more than paying the $40.00 a month in, essentially, shakedown money.

Neither of them had this problem before Obamacare.

I relayed this information on my radio program yesterday and a truck driver called. His wife, with whom he has separated but not yet divorced, is a waitress. The cheapest plan she could get was $600.00 a month. When she told the representative on the phone that she could not afford that, the representative actually replied, “Well then don’t get sick.”

Another listener emailed me this:

I am 63 self employed with very small income, wife is 64, and together we make just over Obama Care thresholds. We will pay close to $20,000 this year for a high deductible ($4,000 ea.) commercial plan. I was going to say “h..l with it” and not buy any insurance until I heard the boyfriend’s tact to pay $40 a month for lousy insurance (Blue Cross / Blue Shield) to avoid Obama penalties. That sounds like an ingenious plan.

Across the country this is more and more of a problem. When Bill Clinton raised it on the campaign trail, he was excoriated by other Democrats. It reminds me of Paul Krugman from two years ago writing

you don’t see the kind of lockstep rejection of evidence that we see over and over again on the right. Where is the liberal equivalent of the near-uniform conservative rejection of climate science, or the refusal to admit that Obamacare is in fact reaching a lot of previously uninsured Americans? [emphasis added]

I don’t know any prominent Republicans who have refused to admit Obamacare is reaching a lot of previously uninsured Americans. That was never the major criticism. The criticism was that Obamacare is reaching those people at an extraordinary cost to the lower middle class, which has borne the brunt of Obamacare cost increases. Likewise, Obamacare has not measurably improved the healthcare of those it has reached, while it has negatively impacted many more who, it turns out, couldn’t keep their doctor.

The Democrats will tell you it is all Republicans’ fault. If only Republicans had done what Democrats wanted them to do, none of this would have happened. But that is precisely the problem. Democrats thought they could dictate and everyone else would comply.

Democrats presumed that when Republicans did not comply with their post-Obamacare healthcare demands that Republicans would get blamed. In fact, the Democrats have gotten blamed to such an extent that six years after the passage of Obamacare, the Democrats are now at their lowest level of power since Reconstruction in the nineteenth century.

Barack Obama designed an insurance plan that did not improve the lives of anyone while it destroyed the lives of thousands of Democrat politicians. And still the Democrats cannot and will not admit Obamacare has major problems baked into it.

You want to know why Hillary Clinton lost? There you have it. Forget Sanders voters. Forget James Comey. Forget fake news. Democrats forgot good policy is good politics and designed a bad policy expecting its collapse would force further change. That change is now coming at the hands of Donald Trump.

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