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This is why racism isn’t taken seriously any more

That racism still exists in the United States isn’t debatable. Of course it does; as long as human beings inhabit the planet, there will always be those who believe they are better than others for various reasons – including skin color.

That racism seems to be not only still in existence but alive and well in some corners is a national travesty. The Dream of King still struggles to find its foothold in many communities, hindered largely by the Great Society programs that give lip-service to a “hand up” while more often than not serving as a shackle.

Though the far right gets blamed for the ignorant white supremacists who claim – FASLELY – to represent conservative values, there are many on the left who are responsible for rendering the cry of “Racism!” tedious and noncredible in the eyes of many.

Think of the boy who cried “Wolf!” so often that no one took him seriously when the cry was truthful.

The most recent example – with proof of intent – comes on the heels of Hurricane Irma. When the Miami Police Department issued this Twitter warning to would-be looters:

self-described “labor journo before it was cool” Sarah Jaffe took to her Twitter soapbox to decry the fact that even the EXISTENCE of a police force is racist. Because, you know, the white hierarchy established private property and needs a police state to protect it.

Arguments about private property – which Jaffe would of course lose on multiple fronts – aside, the deeper truth here is that incidents like this serve only to lessen the brunt of true racism. When those who cry “Racism!” do so only to serve their own interests, the credibility of the cause is harmed and the message of peace and racial equality is weakened.

Fortunately Jaffe continued to Tweet, this time gleefully proving that her true motive was self-promotion. (By the way, did you know she wrote a book? You should, because it’s pinned to the top of her Twitter history!)

So the truth is that rather than being the great and mighty social justice warrior she wants us to think she is, Sarah Jaffe has shown herself to be nothing more than a race hustler, selling her credibility and dampening the effort to achieve Dr. King’s Dream simply to advance her own personal interests.

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