This is Why Trump Will Be the Nominee

Earlier today I posited that Cruz and Rubio supporters should join together in each state to stop Trump. In states where Rubio is closest to Trump, they should all vote Rubio. In states where Cruz is closest to Trump, they should all vote Cruz.

On Facebook came this response from a Cruz supporter that reflects a lot of what I’ve heard from Cruz and Rubio supporters.

As a Cruz supporter, I would normally be willing to go along with that idea… except for two things: (1) Cruz most often beats his poll position by a few points. (2) Cruz has taken an unfair beating lately where he is called a “liar”.. the news media amplifies that… yet where Cruz really didn’t actually lie… but Rubio and Trump *did* lie about their own record AND lied when they specifically called Cruz a liar for pointing out what is actually the truth about Rubio and Trump’s records. THEREFORE – we’re now at a point where there is a disconnect between each candidate’s current popularity.. and where they would be if TRUTH prevailed. If we could have a primary where the candidates would honestly discuss their differences and their history and their past and their policies… then voters would make an informed decision. But right now, we’re in a situation where candidates are getting away with reinventing themselves in a dishonest way… and many voters are not making informed decisions… and Cruz’s character is getting assassinated in the process. This is something that only started happening this past week… so this idea Erick has about Cruz and Rubio… is sort of like if a football team had been winning the game.. but then the other team scored a touchdown that wouldn’t have happened except for an egregious pass interference that didn’t get called. There is still a whole quarter left in the game… but suddenly, you have to decide which team is the better team. In the same way, Cruz has been consistently beating Rubio in the polls, until the past few days when Cruz had taken a lot of unfair beatings. This just really stinks. It would help if Rubio wasn’t such a damn liar about his record.. and didn’t lie so much when he calls Cruz a “liar”.. that “poisons the well” and “burns bridges”… Meanwhile, I keep asking people, “what exactly did Cruz say that was a lie”… and it is amazing how many are parroting that statement, but can’t back it up!

There is not enough trust between two campaigns that have both been quite negative to the other. Both sides think the other started it. Both think their guy is honest and the other is a liar.

Trump is taking advantage of this “stand by my man at all costs” approach to win. And he will win because of it.

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