This is Why We Must Preserve the Filibuster

Pro-life activists are starting to suggest they will use their clout to get the Senate to end the filibuster in order to pass a 20 week abortion ban. However noble the ends are, it does not justify the means.

The moment we eradicate the filibuster is the moment Republicans help Democrats pass gun control. Remember, there are enough Republican votes in the Senate right now to pass gun control restrictions, but for the filibuster.

If we end the filibuster, we get gun control.

There are not, at this time, enough Democrats in the Senate to support ending the filibuster. If anything, Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court has made it less likely that the Democrats support legislative filibuster abolition in the future. They are now powerfully reminded that there is no such thing as a permanent Democratic majority. And while they might view the GOP’s inability to scuttle Obamacare as proof that the GOP can never undo what they enact, even without a filibuster, the coming tax reform debate will remind them yet again of what is and is not possible with the filibuster.

We shouldn’t end the filibuster for our pet issue. It is there as a final check on the power of the mob to push through legislation during emotional times such as these.

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