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This Isn’t Trump’s America. It Is Barack Obama’s.

The mayor of San Jose, CA is justifying the mob violence we saw last night.

The protestors threw eggs and bottles, burned flags, tried to shout down Trump supporters, etc. The talking point from the left today is that it is all Donald Trump’s fault.


We live in a country where the President of the United States is now apologizing for a tone that he helped create and admits he helped create it. He told his supporters to take guns to knife fights, to get in the faces of neighbors and argue, to call political opponents enemies.

In Barack Obama’s America, the IRS decided it could harass conservative groups. In Barack Obama’s America, union violence has ticked up. In Barack Obama’s America, these sorts of protests have become common and they were starting before Donald Trump came onto the scene.

Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric certainly makes some people angry. But let’s stop dancing around the fact that for eight years the left has increasingly become hostile, militant, and violent.

It was not Donald Trump who caused gay rights activists to storm businesses in California demanding waitresses be fired for contributing to Proposition 8. It was not Donald Trump who caused Brendon Eich to be driven from his job. It was not Donald Trump who caused illegal aliens to protest demanding rights and citizenship. It was not Donald Trump who caused any of these things or any of the leftwing protests on college campuses, the silencing of dissent, the demands for safe spaces, or anything else. It was not Donald Trump who caused leftwing protestors hurl molotov cocktails at the Texas Governor’s Mansion, burning it to the ground. It was not Donald Trump who caused leftwing riots at free trade conferences.

All these things happened by an emboldened left that has watched the President of the United States demand wholesale changes to the American conscience overnight. From forcing those with religious convictions to provide goods and services that violate their conscience to forcing boys into girls’ bathrooms to finding racism where none exists and siccing the Department of Justice on businesses, governments, and individuals, and the list goes on and on.

Donald Trump will be held to account for his rhetoric and actions at the ballot box.

But all of this started well before Donald Trump and started with an emboldened President of the United States, activist Attorney General, and unyielding left.

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