This Makes Me Mad

I read Logconservative’s post about the Arizona legislature considering legislation that would label the Minuteman Project, in effect, a “domestic terrorist” organization.

But sure enough, the Arizona legislature wants to make it illegal for organizations like the Minuteman Project to protect America’s borders by labeling them participants in domestic terrorism. Please note the irony that the men and women seeking to enforce the law are to be labeled terrorists and the law breakers sneaking across the border are not.

The law defines domestic terrorism as any group of individuals who associate together “for the purpose of patrolling to detect alleged illegal activity” if any of the individuals “is armed with a firearm or other weapon.”

So, in effect, people cannot peacefully assemble under Amendment 1 of the Constitution if they also are carrying a lawfully issued firearm under Amendment 2 of the Constitution.

Way to support people trying to protect and defend this country, Arizona!a

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