This Senate Report Shows Planned Parenthood Is As Evil As We Knew They Were

I know it’s Christmastime, and nobody wants to ruin the season with talk about selling baby body parts, but that’s business as usual for the death merchants.

Read Phelim McAleer’s story on “The Senate Report on Planned Parenthood No One Is Talking About.”

The committee makes it very clear that although they were prompted to act by the CMP’s famous undercover Planned Parenthood videos, their investigation was completely separate. They relied almost exclusively on documents acquired under subpoena from Planned Parenthood and the businesses doing the actual buying and selling.

And they were doing a lot of buying and selling.

McAleer is one of the producers of the Gosnell Movie, a film about the abortion industry so truthful that none of the liberal studios in Hollywood would make it, so the producers raised $2.3 million by crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Now that the movie is made, no distributor will touch it.

Read McAleer’s piece in TownHall, and cry for the victims.

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