This Sinclair Broadcasting Story Really Isn’t a Big Deal

Y’all, I was concerned when I first heard about the Sinclair Broadcasting promo. The whole “danger to our democracy” sounds like they’re using their network coverage to undermine legitimate news outlets and don’t care. And, in fact, if you watch the video above it doesn’t look great. But that has more to do with the editing of the video than the actual promo. Just listen to the promo. Ignore how it is edited.
The media is in a tizzy over that.
And, by the way, it is a danger to our democracy when the media starts pushing its editorial propaganda as truth. Look at how so much of the media has abdicated its fact checking to groups like Politifact, which put partisan spin on facts and often get facts wrong, but claim otherwise. They allow the media to claim otherwise.
Or look at “this is an apple” CNN, which is making a tremendous deal out of this Sinclair Broadcasting stuff. Have you seen CNN’s coverage of the gun control issue? I keep waiting for them to use their hologram machine to put a halo around David Hogg’s head every time he appears. CNN is where I go for actual news and I turn it off every time the gun topic comes up. From Chris Cuomo on Twitter to the actual anchors discussing the topic and how they cover, they are dripping with bias in favor of gun control.
This Sinclair Broadcasting story is about three issues.
First, this happens across the country all the time. As Stephen Miller (not that one) noted on Twitter last night, Conan O’Brien has made a speciality out of covering this.

It’s only a big deal now because Sinclair is calling out the rest of the media so the rest of the media is responding.
Second, there is a serious suspicion (and an accurate one) that Sinclair is pro-Trump and Sinclair is, in fact, engaged in many of the same behaviors these other networks engage in, but on the pro-Trump side. The media over all, convinced of its own righteousness, is calling out Sinclair for that and deservedly so.
Third, and most importantly, Sinclair is buying up local news channels around the country and this is in the run up to a merger that liberals and unions oppose. This outrage comes right as the merger is being finalized and there are agenda driven partisans doing everything they can to derail it. They’re using good reporters to push their outrage by tying that outrage to reporters’ suspicions of Sinclair about number one. These leftwing groups are playing good reporters in the same way the Russians played good people getting them out to rallies for Trump and Hillary.
I do get the concerns. But the fact is reporters at national networks are presenting stories through their biased lenses. The gun control debate of late is the greatest evidence of this. And that they are upset Sinclair is calling them out as it is building a competing news organization concurrently is no doubt a cause for alarm in the news industry.
The national media spends a lot of time these days highlighting what Fox is not covering. But the rest of the media doesn’t fairly cover the gun issue. It worked like hell to avoid covering the Planned Parenthood selling baby parts story and the Kermit Gosnell story. It gives quick mention to these things and then claims it has covered them.
They’re all already getting their butts kicked by Fox. They’d hate for another conservative outlet to steal more turf by focusing on media bias the way Fox did when it first got started.
Finally, let me say this — Sinclair is no saint here. Reporters concerned about Sinclair’s pretty blatantly biased coverage in favor of Trump have legitimate concerns. And I am troubled by the propensity of Trump supporters these days to presume any media outlet they disagree with is running an aggressively anti-Trump agenda because they aren’t being told what they want to hear.
But I continue to think a great deal of the media continues to discredit themselves these days by their Trump coverage, how they cover the gun issue, and the obvious biases their reporters reveal on a daily basis on social media where they seem to think it does not matter.
Every single media outlet can do better. That includes Sinclair.

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