Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush participates in an economuc forum, Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016, in Columbia, S.C. Republican hopefuls are pitching a conservative path to fighting poverty. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

This Story on Bush Donors Makes It Sound Like They’re In a Cult

The Bush donors want out. They realize that Jeb is not going the distance. They want to rally behind someone new. But they can’t.


POLITICO talked to nearly two dozen major donors, and most say they are waiting for what one veteran Republican and former Bush 43 administration appointee described as the “family hall pass” to jump to another campaign after the New Hampshire primary.

Yes, they want a hall pass. The entire thing makes it sound like they are in a cult or part of a mafia family. It is really bizarre. You’ve got grown ass men waiting for a hall pass to give their own money to someone else.

“Hey, I need you to throw away money on Jeb — out of loyalty,” a Bush fundraiser has told donors recently.

And if you think that’s something, read this one:

“I’m resigned to it being over, frankly. It’s really disappointing,” said one top Bush Wall Street donor. “I’d urge him to get out after New Hampshire if he doesn’t do well, but he probably won’t.” [Emphasis added]

This is incredible. People got into the Bush sphere of influence and cannot get out. Here is an article for Bush donors from Fordham University on deprograaming. Hopefully that will help them.

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