This the Reality We Live In

The nation elects a Republican for President instead of Donald Trump. His name is Marco Rubio.

In the first week, he signs an order reinstating the Mexico City policy. He follows it up with orders to begin tearing down Obamacare, eradicating sanctuary cities, securing the border, withdrawing from the current TPP framework, returning the Winston Churchill bust to the Oval Office, addressing the March for Life, and is preparing to put someone like Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. He even designs to tighten immigration from countries with a high propensity for terrorists.

No, he does not try to start a trade war with Mexico. No, he does not attack the media and rail on and on about crowd sizes. No, he does not get on Twitter. No, he would not have given that inaugural address.

You know what?

The American press corps would be saying just about the same thing as they are about Donald Trump. Trump, to be sure, gives the press more ammunition to make their case. But with Rubio, they’d call him inexperienced in a way they did not call Obama inexperienced. They would dwell on the hiccups of the transition into the White House. They would pen editorials like this one from Ruth Marcus calling with the same headline: “Rubio’s erratic first week was among the most alarming in history.”

There is no way for a Republican to win with the press and majority of pundits unless that Republican yields to the left’s agenda. Any Republican, whether it be Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, or Marco Rubio, would get the same concern trolling, the same worry, and the same hyperbole.

Again, it is worth noting that Donald Trump has given the press a lot more ammunition for those arguments. But the arguments would still be the same.

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