This, This, A Thousand Times This

Y’all, go watch this. Just take an hour today, let it play in the background at your office, and digest it.

Tim Carney and Ben Domenech debate Jennifer Rubin and Bret Stephens on whether the elite is to blame for Donald Trump.

What is amazing is that Carney and Domenech name names. They spit out the chronology. The document that when it came down to Cruz vs. Trump the major D.C. players chose Trump.

The other side? They obfuscate who the elite is, deny there is an elite, and paint with so broad a brush as to excuse the elite.

This is the problem we are going to deal with. The elite — defined by Carney and Domenech as the mostly male rulers in Washington — are to blame, but they have members of the press in editorial positions willing to defend them.

It was an amazing debate and my hat is off to Domenech and Carney for effectively making the case.

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