KRT US NEWS STORY SLUGGED: ABORTION KRT PHOTO BY CHUCK KENNEDY/KRT (January 22) WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Anti-abortion protestors march in front of the Supreme Court Tuesday, January 22, 2002, the anniversary of the court's Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. (KRT) NC KD BL 2002 (Horiz) (gsb)

This Week the GOP Will Put a Pro-Abortion, Anti-Gun Activist on the Supreme Court

The party that claims to be the family, the unborn, and the second amendment will this week put a pro-abortion, anti-gun activist on the Supreme Court. But worse, he is also pretty anti-business. He is going to side with unions, undermine right-to-work laws, and shift the Court dramatically left.

Anthony Kennedy, without Scalia as an anchor, has drifted left. He hates being in the minority. But now the Court, for at least a generation, is going to be liberal. Religious freedom is going to get quashed by a Court that thinks forcing Christians to dishonor their believes is actually freedom.

And it will be the Republicans who put this left-wing activist on the bench. While everyone is distracted, they are going to do it this week.

In Cleveland, the GOP will hand Donald Trump the Republican nomination. He is the one Republican they all know cannot beat Hillary Clinton, but they are so scared to defy the will of 33% of primary voters, they will ignore the 67% who rejected Trump. They will nominate Donald Trump and thereby lose to Hillary Clinton.

They will lose the Supreme Court and the United States Senate.

Because Republicans are putting “party loyalty” ahead of country, they will lose both. And they will deserve it.

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