This Wins The Dumbest Question Award For Cable Television

I think that the gun control debate makes liberal people stupid. I think it’s like having television news anchors smoke two or three joints, drink two or three screwdrivers, then putting them on the air to ask serious questions.

CNN’s Don Lemon decided to ask Jay Wallace, owner of Adventure Outdoors gun shop in Smyrna, Georgia the dumbest question on cable television.

WALLACE: “I understand but there’s hundreds, thousands of ways that people can be killed. That, you know, that’s much worse. So I’m — you know, you really have to look at it and say that, you know, it’s the reasons why somebody does something and who does it is much more important than the means that they do it so I don’t know why you would want to pass over that and go straight to a firearm when there’s hundreds of other ways they could have done the same thing.”
LEMON: “Like what?”
WALLACE: “You can take out a firearm —“
LEMON: “No. Explain to me what are the other ways to do that much — to kill that many people quickly?”
WALLACE: “I don’t think it’s smart to talk about that on national TV and lots of people listening. Including people that might be on the edge of wanting to do something like that. But I’m just saying that —“
LEMON: “I think you should — no. People can go on the Internet. This is —“
WALLACE: “That’s true. But I’m not going to help them.”

Without much thought, I can scan the headlines of all the ways ISIS has come up with over the last few years: drowning, beheading, setting on fire (alive), throwing off buildings, stoning, just to name a few. Now if you’ve got only a few people who want to injure many, I suppose the Tsarnaev brothers could answer that. Or the Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem who have blown themselves up on busses, or stolen bulldozers. (For the record, the Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem are Muslim.)

Watch the entire video because Wallace’s answer makes more sense than Lemon’s idiotic question.

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