This Woman Blocks Conservatives on Twitter. She Claims Victim Status Because Trump Blocked Her.

The least sympathetic victim in American history is Holly O’Reilly, a 47 year old leftist who blocks conservatives on Twitter she disagrees with. I am one of them. But O’Reilly thinks that while she can block whoever she wants to block on Twitter, Donald Trump should not be allowed to do so with his own personal Twitter account. She is not blocked by the @POTUS twitter account. She is blocked by @realdonaldtrump and does not like it. So she has enlisted lawyers and the media wants you to think she is some sort of victim.

She is anything but. No person using a private, corporate service, including her, me, or the President should be forced to have to entertain the annoyances of others. Donald Trump has as much a right to block people with his personal account as you or I or she does. And she does block people she disagrees with making her very unsympathetic except to a press that loves to make the President look bad in every single circumstance.

This is rather pathetic victim status, but at least she is getting the attention she wants.

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