Three Pictures Every Republican Delegate Should See

Every Republican delegate going to Cleveland needs to see the three pictures below. They tell a story that the delegates should not be allowed to ignore. In fact, they tell the story of the destruction of the GOP in 2016. The pictures look somewhat similar but there are some big differences.

For example, here is the 2008 polling during this time period between John McCain and Barack Obama. Note that there were five polls in which John McCain led Barack Obama. Additionally, there were six polls in which McCain and Obama were tied.


Now look at this one. It is the polling from this time period in 2012. There were thirteen polls during this time period that had Romney ahead of Obama. There were six that had the race tied. We know how it worked out in the end.


Lastly, here is the present polling. There are five polls that show Trump winning and only one tie. Every other poll has been remarkably consistent since April. But what should stand out even more is that as time has gone on, fewer and fewer polls have shown a Trump win or tied race. Only one poll since the end of May has a Trump lead and that pollster is one of the less reputable pollsters and was one of the most likely to get 2012 wrong.


Interestingly, in 2012, Rasmussen and Gallup were the only two major polls to consistently have a Romney lead or Romney win after mid-May. Gallup admitted it was wrong and stopped polling the Presidential race in 2016. Rasmussen continues.

Republican delegates should be given no excuses. If they are not going to unbind the delegates and admit circumstances have changed since Trump won Indiana, they need to know going into this that they are giving Hillary Clinton the White House.

If you want additional perspective, consider three more pictures. It shows the polling gaps in the three races from January 1 of the election year until July 4th. Trump performs worse than McCain and Romney across the board. He is consistently bad in ways that they had glimmers of hope, even in 2008. Look at these.







Republicans may want to live in denial, but there is too much at stake. Hillary Clinton is corrupt. She is a crook. She is unfit to be President. And Republicans are on the verge of nominating the one person who cannot beat her.

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