Tightening Race Puts New Hampshire In Both Candidates Crosshairs

It’s not on Donald Trump’s public schedule, but the billionaire is in New Hampshire today–a private event, NH co-chairman Steve Stepanek told the Manchester Union Leader. As the latest WBUR poll hit the street, showing Trump leading within the margin of error over Hillary Clinton, the Granite State now becomes a battleground.

For the state’s 4 electoral votes even to matter, the issue of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Utah have to be settled. But this election could come down to a matter of fractions of a percentage of voters, turnout, and small states like fiercely independent New Hampshire.

Trump plans to end his campaign the way he started it: barnstorming through NH, with a huge rally at SNHU Arena the night before election day. The same day, Monday the 7th, President Obama will be in the state drumming up “get out the vote” for Clinton.

The wildness in the polling results is really stunning this late in the race. All projections point to Clinton taking the electoral college, but, as the junior officer told Grand Moff Tarkin “We’ve analyzed their attack, sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your ship standing by?”

But Clinton isn’t taking any chances.


Pennsylvania polling has Clinton ahead, but always within the MoE, and narrowing quickly. Michigan appears safe for Clinton, but the tightening is there also. Even Virginia is showing signs of a closer race. There’s certainly reason for the Clinton campaign to worry. Of course, if Clinton loses Virginia, something has gone terrible wrong for her–the polls are Brexit-class wrong, and the race is thrown into uncharted territory.

But this whole year has been uncharted.

Maybe that’s why both candidates are focused on New Hampshire. The state willing to throw caution and convention to the wind may still hold the key to the final days of this crazy election cycle.

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